Parkway Dental Assisting Courses

We are proud to offer Dental Radiology, Coronal Polishing, Infection Control, and Dental Medical Emergencies for Dental Assistants. These courses have Zoom classroom instruction and a in-person clinical section where applicable.

Dental Radiology

The Dental X-ray course includes seven hours of instruction in the production and use of dental X-rays, seven hours of clinical X-ray instruction, and a Certified Dental Radiology Exam.

Coronal Polishing

This course is designed to instruct the dental assistant II to accurately polish the coronal surfaces of teeth as provided by the Dental Laws of North Carolina.

Infection Control

The Infection Control course is a three hour course that provides essential infection control practices.

Dental Medical Emergencies

This is three hour course that goes over how to deal with potential emergency medical problems.

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