Coronal Polishing

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Next Class- February 2023

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Zoom Lecture Wednesday February 22th starting at 6pm

In person clinical at Parkway Dental   3600 NW Cary Parkway Suite 115, Cary, NC 27513

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Friday February 24, 2023

Saturday  February 25th, 2023

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This is offered in an office setting, the clinical portion is chair-side.  Six student limit in order to monitor effectiveness as to mastering the required skills.

Please read all the information below, if you need a 3 hour infection control class and or 3 hour emergency class please go to the home page and look for the tab for these courses.

This course is designed to instruct the dental assistant II to accurately polish the coronal surfaces of teeth as provided by the Dental Laws of North Carolina.

The didactic session will include

  • Proper Operator and Patient Positioning
  • Proper Polishing Technique
  • Development of Initial Skills to Perform Selective Polishing
  • Indications for Coronal Polishing
  • Abrasive Agents
  • Abrasive Action
  • Grasp and Fulcrum Techniques
  • Proper patient dental flossing
  • Contraindications of Polishing
  • Sterilization of Equipment
  • Special Patient Needs
  • Assessing Polishing Success-disclosing patient before and after to assess

Clinical Session: is designed to instruct the Dental Assistant II to accurately polish coronal surfaces of teeth. The students will participate in a clinical environment.

In order to register for the Coronal Tooth Polishing course, participants must be working as a Dental Assistant II and be at least 18 years of age. The requirements to be classified as a DA II are listed below For more information on DA II status in NC, contact the NC Board of Dental Examiners at 919- 678-8223 or visit their webpage:

Dental Assistant II

In North Carolina, there are two classifications for Dental Assistants (DAI and DAII). North Carolina does NOT certify assistants. Classification is based on experience and/or training as listed below. It is up to the employer to verify an assistant’s qualifications and determine if he/she is a DAI or DAII.

Education and Training Requirements

To be classified as a Dental Assistant II, an assistant shall meet one of the following criteria:

(1) completion of:
(a) an ADA-accredited dental assisting program and current certification in CPR; or
(b) one academic year or longer in an ADA-accredited dental hygiene program, and current certification in CPR; or

(2) completion of the Dental Assistant certification examination(s) administered by the Dental Assisting National Board and current certification in CPR; or

(3) completion of:
(a) a 3-hour course in sterilization and infection control;
(b) a 3-hour course in dental office emergencies; and
(c) current certification in CPR.
(d) after completing Sub-Items (3)(b), (c), and (d) of this Rule, dental assistants may be trained in any dental delivery setting and allowed to perform the functions of a Dental Assistant II under the direct control and supervision of a licensed dentist, except as listed in Sub-Item 3(e) of this Rule.
(e) dental assistants may take radiographs after completing radiology training consistent with G.S. 90-29(c)(12).
(f) full-time employment and experience as a chairside assistant for two years (3,000 hours) of the preceding five, during which period the assistant may be trained in any dental delivery setting and allowed to perform the functions of a Dental Assistant II under the direct control and supervision of a licensed dentist.

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